Sunday Share #1 // January

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Happy Sunday! One thing I spoke about in basically every blog post last year but didn't really do was chatting about the things I got up to in London. So after reading how Charlotte has started writing up Sunday Share posts I felt it was definitely a way I could try push myself to document this London life as well. In this first post I'll be jumping straight into chatting about January as a whole since it's we're already in February.

On a whole it was a bit of a hectic month. Coming back down to London after spending both Christmas and new year home in Scotland, getting back to work, having Darren's family visiting as a surprise for his birthday, Darren's birthday itself and a few other things here and there.

One thing myself and Darren spoke about doing last year but never got round to doing was to head to a board game event. Back home, we used to spend a lot of our nights with friends playing games like Cards Against Humanity, Quiplash, etc so we've definitely been wanting to find ways to do this.  We headed to one at the start of the month and finally(!) got to play Secret Hitler (not as weird as it sounds, promise!), as well as, Coup and Azul. It was a fun afternoon and we've been back since. 

With this month being the month of looooove Darren and I usually get each other something small, either something we need or were going to buy ourselves anyway. For my V day gift, Darren bought me tickets for the MinaLima lates talk held at the House of Mina Lima. I have always been extremely fascinated with the work involved for producing the Harry Potter graphic design elements so it was fab to hear about that and their journey first hand.

The last, somewhat notable, thing to happen this month was my work held a Wellness week! A lot of my intentions this year relate to keeping an eye on my mental health and really reflecting on what I can do to keep myself in a positive head space. During the week I attended an 'intro to mindfulness' class and will be going to an 'intro to CBT' when it eventually gets rescheduled. But it's fab to working somewhere that is taking these things into consideration for their employees.  

Vegan eats

Greggs vegan sausage roll - Ok so I think pretty much everybody tried to try this when it launched last month and luckily I managed to pick some up before they sold out! Definitely a pick when I've had a night of drinking

McDonalds burger - Yep so I did that. And as bad as McDonalds is it is good that they are starting to offer vegan options, especially if there are more teens going vegan but still want to go places with their friends. Overall I thought it was ok, definitely the standard of something you expect from McDonalds.  

Pastry from Sainsbury's - This one was a bit random but Sainsbury's have started carrying a brand of vegan pre-made pastries by La Boulangere. And as someone who loves a good pastry, having a simple fix like this is great in my book. 

What I've been reading 


The Phantom by Jo Nesbo - Generally I enjoy Nesbo's books and the story telling but this one I wasn't too keen on. The story was a bit over the place and I just didn't like the ending. Plus, the more and more I read Nesbo's books I just feel at unease about the way he can talk about his female characters. 

Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women by Otegha Uwagba- Was my first full read of the year as it was a Christmas present from Darren. I blew through this super quickly as it is quite a short book. But there are some great tips and bits of advice throughout, and it has given some suggestions of cafes to check out in London. 

Final Girls by Riley Sager -  Now this was an incredible read. I picked up the book years ago but it's been sat at home up until I took it down at Christmas. Sagar did a fantastic job of this book, hooking me in from page 1. As a lover of crime/phsyc thrillers I can usually do quite a good job guessing endings but I was way out of the boat with this one. 

The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager - After finishing Final Girls I instantly ordered this one hoping for another fix! As much as I enjoyed this one I didn't feel it levelled to the standard of FG but was still a great read. It's definitely a book I could see getting adapted by the lot behind YOU, Pretty Little Liars or Riverdale as it would make for a fantastic TV series. 

If you want to keep up with what I'm reading, I am taking part in the GoodReads challenge and updating what I'm reading there. 

In my headphones 
Midnight by Set It Off - I'm seeing this band in April so I was instantly onto the new album the moment it came out! I'm a huge fan of the music Set It Off produce as it's such a mix of sounds, with some being much more dramatic and intense, while others are much more 'standard punk-rock' and this album didn't disappoint. 

My Favorite Murder - No I'm not just jumping on this bandwagon! I've listened to MFM for a good 2 years now but whenever they speak about mental health issues it always gets to me. Specifically in episode 158 'Burn Day' where they speak about having a 'ta-da' list and it's something I'm trying to include in my journal now as well. 

On my screen
Sex Education - So we'll all agree that Netflix is killing it, again, on the uploads last month yep? Sex Education had me tearing with laughter it was so good. A bit of a weird fusion of American/British culture and 80's/current day it had quite a unique feel. But overall the relationships between characters and the angst of being a teenager was highly relatable. It reminds me very much of the old E4 shows like Skins, Misfits and My Mad Fat Diary. 

YOU - Possibly one of the most spoken new series on Netflix (but definitely not top, that's next!) was YOU. I was so drawn into this show with wanting to know how this physiological thriller was going to pan out and how far Joe was going to push things. Another show that's been renewed for a second season and I cannot wait for this either

Conversations with a Serial Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes - And lastly, definitely the most talked about show in January is this new documentary. Being a true crime buff I knew about the monstrosity that Ted Bundy was but this documentary really gave me the insight as to how messed up it all was. The only thing I felt weird with it was, in the words of the MFM crew, that I didn't necessarily need to hear Bundy try to explain his actions as his actions spoke for themselves. 

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