Cornwall Internship: Week 4

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

So now we're into my last week in Cornwall and at my internship at Venn. I'm not going to lie, when Monday came this week I was feeling a bit meh cause I knew my days were coming to and end there but I went into the week looking forward to seeing what else I'd get to do, as well as hoping to hear back the feedback from the stuff that got sent away the week before. 

At the start of the week anyway, Darren left on the Tuesday morning just when I was heading into work. But on the Monday night since it was a really lovely evening and I hadn't been down to the beach as of yet, we decided to have a little wander down via the beach and then across the water front. We also got some chips from a chippers who's branding was amazing- totally loved it. Plus the building was painted turquoise which also looked amazing.

From Venns instagram page

Throughout this week it was a lot of smaller jobs that I got up too. We ran through and decided on the final branding design for the first project I worked on in my 1st week with which Tom finalised all the other asset and design bits that had to go along with this. 

Towards the end of the week, I also had a sit down and chat with Andy and Tom about how my internship has gone. Generally the conversation was about what I had done and my performance but I also got to hear a bit more about other things like dealing with clients, getting paid for work, among a variety of other advice and tips. During this chat it was great to just hear everything that they thought and it gave me some insight in things I could work better on (or probably more accurately) and how to develop concepts and ideas in the best ways that maximises your time and output of options you can propose to a client. 

Within my last two days, I also taught a few of them some Scottish swear words and more local Doric dialect. Not gonna lie, it resulted in some hilarity and it has inspired (so far) one of my #100DayOfOhHayLettering pieces too. I also gave them some local wine from where I live and a card thanking them for everything during the past 4 weeks. Then on the Friday, we went for some drinks where they gave me a card wishing me the best for the future and to keep in contact. As well as a flask to keep my fuelled with my lemon tea that is apparently just lemsip without the paracetamol... 

All in all, I had a really fantastic 4 weeks with everyone at Venn Creative and in Falmouth/Cornwall in general. It was refreshing and invigorating to just get away from home for a month and have my eyes opened to a variety of possibilities and new ideas. It's left me pretty hungry to get into a design job now, especially one with a really great team and place that does some super inspiring and meaningful work too. But we'll need to hold out for the next blog post on that for now as that adventures still in progress... 

If you fancy reading more about my internship you can do so here and also, check out the 20 things I learned within my 4 weeks Medium post. I'm planning on making more long form content for Medium as I feel it'll sit better over there than on here. 

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