Cornwall Internship: Week 2

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

*Gulp* Oops well I got a little behind in uploading my weekly thoughts from my internship that I am actually home now (yep I'm back-posting this if it wasn't obvious)! Although I'm not going to really apologise for it as I never got round to it as I was just enjoying my time so damn much that I didn't really sit down at my laptop all the much to do things like this blog as I was just been getting on with other things. 

Anyway, I'm still going to do this on a weekly basis as I think it'll be better to do a single post on my overall thoughts on the internship. So this post will be covering week 2!

Within my 2nd week of my internship, Rachael, the project manager of Venn was back after her holiday time off, I had my first blog post (about creative communities) published on their website and had a trip to the printers that they have a pretty good relationship with. Design wise, the 2nd round of designs for one project got sent of and I started on producing some mood boards for another project.

One of the moodboards I pulled together

Throughout this week I really got to jump into the initial planning and idea generation aspect of Venn's design process. They run projects in a way that the sole focus of it all always goes back into everything that was said in the questionnaires by clients, the who's, what's, why's and how's. It all adds back into what imagery is shown in moodboards and is then used to reflect on ideas and designs to see if what has been done actually measures up to what the client needs.

At the end of the week I also proposed some ideas based on what I was doing the moodboards for which went well too. I can't really speak in-depth about it at the moment but just in general, being part of the process of developing the moodboards, ideas and then putting visuals together it really gave me a better idea of how things run within in an agency, compared to how it is when you're working on university projects or freelance ones by yourself.

Overall, my 2nd week at the internship was great as I was able to get stuck into the whole process and see more about the initial development stages as well. With my second weekend in Cornwall, I decided to have a little day trip to the town of St Ive, which was beautiful! I pretty much just had a wander round the town, did some window shopping, had a walk along the beach and also went to the Sculpture Gardens! Unfortunately I didn't get to the tate as it was closed when I was there.

If you fancy reading more about my internship you can do so here and also, check out the 20 things I learned within my 4 weeks Medium post. I'm planning on making more long form content for Medium as I feel it'll sit better over there than on here. 

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